Tuesday, December 30, 2008


My new Favorite blog:::


I love the fun/random/fresh photography on here. I think it's a German blog, but since I don't take time to read articles anyways, pictures do all the talking for me...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hawaii here I come!!

I am beyond excited that I get to go to Maui, Hawaii for the first time ever Jan 14-20th~ if you are interested in booking a session while I am there please email me asap, simplicityphotography@yahoo.com
I will be staying on the Kihei side of the island. I would love to do a beach session while I am there, I will be offering my 2008 pricing for a session booked in Hawaii.

Friday, December 26, 2008

At least I have a few good photos to show for it...

Click to enlarge:

As many of you know Anthony and I went to Paris and London for 10 days last March. It was kind of a bust, but it was definitely fun in it's own way even though we missed our kids SO much!! The hardest thing was how bad our dollar was and I wasn't a big fan of the city, I have learned the long hard was to stay away from tourist crap. I really would love to do it all over again and visit the countryside. Anyways, here are 3 photos I will be hanging in my white matted IKEA frames above Anthony's desk in our bedroom, so excited! I printed them on Metallic paper and I can't wait to see how they turn out.

I think I have decided on...

#2, which I think was my first instinct but I just love them all so then I thought, I will just do a canvas wall, but I am just a huge fan of one large canvas. I think I may print #1 for my studio or my office at home. Seriously, I cannot believe all of you that left comments, thank you so much! It's funny that so many people said #7 and I guess I wasn't even considering that one for the canvas but I do still love it. My problem with that one is Tate's hand, he looks a bit fruity!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Decisions are the worst...

I always have a lot of empathy for my clients when they say it's hard to decide, I know what it's like. I love these photos that Jess took of our family, it totally captures US... Anyways, so I just bought a bunch of canvas cash from simply canvas, merry christmas to me! I want a huge canvas of our family in our entry hallway. So,,, help me decide! I have looked at them several times and I can't narrow it down to one for the large one. It's funny though as soon as someone gives me an opinion then I usually know how I really feel. It's like when you go shopping with your husband and your like, hey honey do you like this in purple or grey (in your head you subconsciously already know)? He throws out purple just to please you and you are like ew no! I like the grey one... So, that's what this is, help a girl out and take a little vote. I am suppose to be doing my last minute shopping right now, but it's basically a blizzard outside so I am playing with MY photos, how fun I get to play with my photos finally! I just got over a really nasty sickness so doing anything besides laying in bed is so great!








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Sunday, December 21, 2008

My dream Christmas Tree...

Small, on a mantel, gorgeous Vintage ornaments, high enough that the kids can't touch!

CLICK HERE to see...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Had a very bitter cold yet fabulous wedding this morning. Couldn't wait to post because I haven't done a wedding in a few months, it's such a nice change from chasing toddlers around. These two were so easy even though it was 28 degrees, needless to say we were done in an hour:)

This close up one was my fave close up for the day.. and yes her eyes really do look that cool in real life

We warmed up for a min. inside..

some texture fun.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008


Yep, she's 13... you might recognize her from an earlier post with her bro's and sister. Not sure why her mom let's her out of the house (the boys are lining up I'm sure),,,, just kidding Melinda, I guess she does have to go to school and whatnot.
Her clothing was to die for and she was such a trooper in the freezing cold!
Thanks Miss B for coming in!

On a side note, my trip was fab! It was 70 degrees and sunny on the beach and I learned so much from the workshop. I will have to post some hilarious pictures of Jess and I, it really shows a side of me that I don't usually put on my blog,,, be prepared it's funny.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Maybe I should post every 10 minutes today...

Sorry everyone, just have to post I will be in San Diego (The Image is Found workshop!) from Tues-Thurs this week. If you are waiting for your orders I will get them to you on Friday or you can pick them up at my home while I am gone, just give me a call and we can arrange.


My Tate

I took him out to a new spot and he was SO mad at me, all he wanted to do is play ball with daddy. So, I kept telling him we were going bear hunting and that we just needed to knock on the school door and he would come out (hopefully not). That worked for about 2 seconds, then Anthony saved the day and got him to settle down. In the black and white one he is winding up to throw the ball at my face, oh well a little bruise is worth getting my 2 year old that hates getting his picture taken to look at me. I love this little ball of fire, he is my little man Tate...

check out his scowls

getting all caught up...

Had to post more of this session, enjoy the sneak peek...
I love that I have had so many curly heads lately! Doesn't she look like my photo of the month girl on the right?

He made me baby hungry... just for a few mintues... No kids in my future for like 3 more years, gotta enjoy the 2 crazy kids I have first.

"P" Family

I totally spaced posting this session, so here you go! These girls loved my trunk of clothing in my studio, it was a dress up party. The little guy didn't want much to do with me and couldn't leave mom's side so it was a pleasant surprise that we got any of him looking at the camera!

Friday, December 05, 2008

"W" Family

I loved this session too! I just love all my clients. Could they be any cuter? I don't think so. This session was way fun, they are from Oregon visiting family so I got to show them the scary part of downtown with their kids, I know I know, I am a giver... I really enjoyed editing this session, I think I took like 8 million photos as this session.

She just about killed me, how photogenic is she? I could photograph her all day long.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


such a sweet connection with these two, I really have been loving black and whites lately...

Black car? What black car?

instant fabulous, thanks Brandi:)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Does anyone specialize in removing black cars in the background?

I sure hope so. I love this photo, minus the black car. Email me if you can help, I am willing to compensate for your time:)