Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SP DESIGN blog up...

Sorry to all of you trying to purchase! My Design blog/site was hacked into while on vacation, but it is taken care of now.
HERE is the link.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eclectic Vintage 10×10 Book- $55

This book has been designed for almost a month and I just haven't had the time to put it all together! But here it is ready to go!
Fully layered (can change and alter elements and all colors), 10x10 Hinged book, 20 unique files ready for you to pop your images in!
These books can also be printed through CPQ and Miller's with little tweaking.
Hinged books are not 10x20 spreads, they are each approx. 10x10 files.

*** Price will go up to $55 on August 3rd

Ideas for this book:
Senior book
Family book
Children's book
Use elements for blog
Use elements for cards...

Easy to order and alter as 8x8 and 5x5 books as well.

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WHCC Specifications (White House Custom Color)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Going on a real vacation!

I am so excited to leave bright and early tomorrow! I will be gone from July 22nd- August 3rd river rafting and then spending a week at Bear Lake with my entire family! I will have limited access to email and will not return any phone calls until I return. This is the first vacation in over a year when I am actually not working at all. I need a break from computers, cameras, iphones, etc. It will be nice to just chase the crazy kids around and get a sunburn.

Just one from a session today.

Fuller Family

I loved everything about this session. Mom was super prepared with props, everything you can think of! The only sad part is that the 3 year old little boy had a fever so he wasn't a happy camper, but I think we still got some keepers! Here is your sneak peek that I promised!

mmm... Jones sodas...

hello handsome!

we will just call her "Miss Gorgeous". Only 14 years old and she knew exactly how to work the camera.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Today is the Day

They are 3 years old. I really cannot believe how big they are. I love them more than anything, even when Chloe decides she is a dog and potty trains herself... in the outdoors only or when they poor an entire bottle of soap down the heater vent... the list could go on all day, but regardless we love you Chloe and Tate. You definitely are the best thing that has ever happened to us.

We had a birthday party on Saturday and had this awesome face painter and my cousin brought 4 adorable puppies over, the kids had a great time! Thanks everyone for coming!

here they are pretending to like eachother...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cameron & Camille... groomals

This my friends is my wonderful sister in law Camille. So we ventured out last week to get some fun groomals, drove all over to find some cool spots and we ended up taking the kids with us... mistake. Chloe got stung by a bee within the first 10 minutes. Anyways, we were a bit rushed because the dang sun went down so fast it seemed like, but we still had a good time of me being bossy and shooting like a maniac. I hope you like them guys, we love you! We couldn't be happier to welcome Cameron into the family, our kids adore him!

huge post ahead..

favorite of the night...

Come stay a while

Miss Emma is Chloe's best friend and cousin. Emma is the ONLY other child that Chloe is really nice to,,, so we love when Emma comes around. Love you Emma! I wish I had time to edit more, but I am so behind and I am leaving on Wednesday for 2 weeks so I gotta get all caught up in 2 days, it's going to take more than prayers to get me there... I am counting on some heavy caffeine and the chillins being babysat.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chloe's future husband

This is Eli. He is my best friends little guy. Not only is he adorable but he has the best personality ever. I am going to miss talking with this little guy. Arranged marriages are okay right? I am sure they will fall in love all on their own, but just in case we will be setting it all up:) Aren't they they a cute little family, I wished we lived closer because that crazy flight on the way home almost did me in.

the middle photo kills me!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Out of Town

I am off to Atlanta in the morning to visit my very best friend Kim since 9th grade. Love this girl. It is the kind of friendship that we don't see each other for a while and we always revert back to 9th grade tendencies. We can seriously have fun in a grocery store or even a dentist appt... well, I'd like to think. So, I am off for lots of shopping, eating, dancing crazy and maybe some skinny dipping... jk just had to make sure you were still reading. Okay maybe I'm not kidding. I will return on Monday morning back to work so all emails and phone calls will have to wait until then so I can enjoy a little R&R.

Can't post without photos of course. I LOVE photographing other photographers families, they just understand and know what they want. They had such great energy, I really loved this session.

peace out,

Mr Rock Star Book- $55

Having difficulty designing a book for boys? Here is your answer! I really wanted to design something fun for boys, so here it is!

This is a 10x10 Hinged book with White House Specifications. This book is fully layered so you can changed or take out borders or elements very easily.

**** Easy to order as an 8x8 or 5x5 book as well.
****Instructions Included.

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Or order at the SP DESIGN store

Monday, July 06, 2009

Ross Family

Note to self

don't shoot in AF canyon at 9:30 in the morning.... LIGHTING stinks. Another note.... allergy and bug central. Poor us, we left with red eyes and sniffy noses. Aren't they are gorgeous couple?

Bethany... Senior Rep 2010

Bethany, I know you have been waiting forever! Here is my favorite image from your senior rep session, thanks for being so fun and open.