Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Out of Town

I am off to Atlanta in the morning to visit my very best friend Kim since 9th grade. Love this girl. It is the kind of friendship that we don't see each other for a while and we always revert back to 9th grade tendencies. We can seriously have fun in a grocery store or even a dentist appt... well, I'd like to think. So, I am off for lots of shopping, eating, dancing crazy and maybe some skinny dipping... jk just had to make sure you were still reading. Okay maybe I'm not kidding. I will return on Monday morning back to work so all emails and phone calls will have to wait until then so I can enjoy a little R&R.

Can't post without photos of course. I LOVE photographing other photographers families, they just understand and know what they want. They had such great energy, I really loved this session.

peace out,


Stephanie Castillo said...

Beautiful work as always!! Hope you have an awesome relaxing time on your trip!! :)

SunnyD said...

Sooo pretty. Have fun in Atlanta. Hope you get to go to Market! :)

Jean Smith Photography said...

soooo beautiful! have a fabulous trip!

Melissa Jean said...

If I ever come up to Salt Lake to visit my Aunt, I would love for you to take pictures for me and my family! I love your work and your style! =)

Sara Boulter said...

I'm ready now.

Come home.