Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mazatlan 2010

Okay so here is a HUGE peek of our vacation. It was SO perfect and surpassed my expectations. Usually I think, well we are taking a huge gamble with taking the kids, you just NEVER know they will act like or if they be nuts at any given time. We have been on many road trips, California, camping... and never really came home and said, "oh wow that vacation rocked!" Well, this one was different, I just assumed the kids were going to be crazy and that we would just have some fun family time without any relaxing.... well my kiddos suprised me like no other. They were so good, so happy, and so fun the whole time. They were even champs at our horrible flight home (it took us 3 days to get home because of bad weather, 2 hour plane flight turned into 9 hours!).
So here are the photos, this is us... don't be jealous of our chiseled abs and supermodel looks... we can't help it.
I think I'm so funny. really.

I am a little embarrassed at how many pictures I am showing, I just couldn't narrow it down, so if you get bored just click that little exit button and get yourself an ice cold drink or something.

future canvas in my house. I forced them to kiss and hold hands in many of the pictures, don't be fooled... they don't like each other that much. but I like it anyway.

Um Tate you are cute. Love the feeling of this one.

we ate ice cream every day... nothing different from home really.

Downtown Mazatlan was a bit shocking but it made me really appreciate what I have and made me feel guilty for what I have as well.

On the boat to Stone Island... we loved it there.

Every day we dug for China.

Oh Chloe, don't grow up.. please?

We went to the aquarium and it was so fun, there we basically no rules there, you could chase the peacocks, hang out with the parrots, kiss the sea lions... it was fun.

The next few Tate and Chloe took of us. I love when kids take control of the camera, expressions are real and funny.

self timer...

no naps the entire vacation=

Me and my bumpkins.

Friends we met there and their kids club teacher

fake smile central. this is SO tate, he usually won't even look at me for pictures or he gives me this:

I love that we were allowed to gallop down the beach on the horses there, it was so much fun.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emma & Chloe

Oh my goodness, Chloe & and her cousin Emma are best of friends and would do anything together at this photo shoot together... and for some fruit by the foot!
By the way my Houston sessions are booked! So excited at the response, thank you everyone!

Monday, January 25, 2010


These are my really good friends, they just adopted this adorable baby boy and I am so excited for them. Faith, their 2 yr old, warmed up pretty quick after we played, "Guess Why?" Chicken Thy!
Sometimes I am embarrassed about how I act with kids during photo shoots, but most of the time I think whatever gets the job done!

Loved this one in color too.

For Sale...

Lots of equipment for sale...
Some things I just don't use enough and others I am upgrading. Please email me to arrange payment or if you have any questions...

Nikon 85mm 1.8 Good Condition, $275 EXAMPLE .... This is the lens I use the most.- SOLD
Nikon 17-35 2.8 Almost brand new: $1400 EXAMPLE Great Wide angel lens.
105mm 2.8 micro Almost brand new... $800 EXAMPLE Great for macro shots or portraits.

Email me to purchase.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Houston here I come!

I had such a fabulous time on my trip with my little family, it was SO refreshing and the kids did amazing! I will tell you all about it and blog some photos this week.

Onto the news, I will be in Houston the weekend of Feb 18th and will be scheduling urban sessions all day on Friday, Feb. 19th!! I am so excited. Anthony has a helicopter class/convention to attend and I always love to travel so we are heading there for a fun filled weekend.

Email me at to book your session, I will be scheduling 1 hour time slots, up to 5 sessions available. They will be downtown Houston. Since these sessions will be a bit shorter the session fee will be $150 for up to four people, you will have 20-25 images in a private online gallery for ordering within 2-3 weeks.

Session fee due at time of booking.
Times available:
10:00 am- Booked
11:15 am- Booked
2:00 pm- Booked
3:15 pm- Booked
4:30 pm- Booked

Sunday, January 10, 2010