Friday, January 30, 2009

what have they been up to?

Well, Chloe and Tate are usually up to no good, seriously.
I am trying to potty train, trying being the key word. Any tips? 2 at 1 time is just not easy and Chloe is not interested at all. Tate will go pee on the potty when I ask him, but doesn't understand the #2 business.
I will say that they are getting easier so that has been nice. They really are starting to like eachother, thank goodness, I thought it would never happen. I was taking these photos for our valentines cards and chloe was totally into it and as you can see there is one lonely photo of Tate, he threw about 3 fits. gotta love it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

are ya cold?

25 degrees. My question is, why can't it always be 70 degrees, everywhere?
Michelle, if you are reading, doesn't she look exactly like your little Aspen? It's freaking me out!

not sure how we even got one of him smiling, he was SO cold!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

SIMPLE SOHO 10x13 Book Template: $40

For all you wedding photographers you know that designing albums is a LONG process, so this book template can make your life a whole lot easier. I just started printing my wedding albums with Renaissance Album company and this is one of their flushmount albums that is sure to impress. You can print on matte or metallic paper (the metallic will knock your socks off).
This album template is easy to use with clipping masks and is fully customizable.
10 spreads (20 pages).

Saturday, January 24, 2009


All I can say is that I could hang with these girls all day. Miss L was so excited to get her photo taken and I couldn't get enough of it. Love her curls!! and Little J wasn't so sure about me,,, maybe when she is a bit older I can convince her that I am a pretty fun gal...
my fave from this session...

oh and beautiful window light, she was just hanging out with me in my office after the session. I asked her if I could put her in my pocket and she didn't quite understand

so bummed, this one is a little blown out, but I love genuine smiles.

Studio Space Available

There is a spot open in my studio so if you are a photographer looking for a cool space downtown email me, rent is very reasonable. You must have your own props & lighting, paper backdrops will be provided along with a dressing room, storage room, & office space. Space available Feb 1st.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I pretty much like Maui... a lot

So Maui was such an adventure. I went with my hubby, sister, and brother in law. Good times.
We got Maui Go Cards (which I recommend) so we did a lot of stuff.
We went on a Kayaking tour (on very choppy water I might add) and it was probably the most exciting of the activities. I got motion sick though and I threw up twice... not so fun but way funny like 10 minutes after it happened. Our guide talked a lot of big talk and said he swims with sharks all the time & that he can smell whales (I guess he thinks they smell like olives).. so we called him out and he had to prove it. He swam into a cave and pulled out a shark and my husband saw it but I didn't... funny guy, he was pretty entertaining.
We also went on a really lame "rain forest hike", we got eaten up by misquotes and Ben our tour guide had a lot of "awesome" info on fruits in the "jungle". I guess it would be funnier if you were there. By the way Ben look about 97 years old and it was just funny. Anyways...
Whale watching was very exciting, we saw about 10 wales. They were mating so it was so funny how the guide kept talking in innuendos the whole time. These male whales were going crazy and fighting over the female, it's kind of like watching daytime TV.
The Luau was really fun too. We actually sat with a couple from Utah, what are the chances? There was this table of young ladies wearing next to nothing and I truly think they were there for our entertainment. They really liked to get up on stage and dance, again had to be there.
Snorkeling with the turtles was pretty surreal & amazing, I could do that all day.
Oh ya, surfing, that was SO fun! If I lived near a beach that is something I would like to do more. My knees were so raw, but it was worth it.
Overall it was just the best. Laying on the beach was so relaxing and I have to say it's even prettier than the postcards!
Onto the photos... wish I had more and sorry the layout stinks but I resized them wrong and didn't want to go and fix it!

my hubby & I

the luau... notice my brother in law on the right hand side working it and the girl in the shiny dress, so fun to watch!

Maui session

Despite the crazy wind and storm we made it through and this family is so fun. I also got to photograph Miss M the next day in downtown Lahaina. More photos to come of my trip... I didn't take very many because we were out in the water so much and I decided it wasn't a good idea to take my big 'ol trusty camera along.

these 2 were my favorite... isn't she a stunner?

abercrombie model? I think so...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

one shade darker..

Well I am back and one shade darker than white. Hawaii was so fun I can't even begin to explain. It really is paradise. I will post some photos tomorrow or this weekend. I just wanted to write a quick note for all of you interested in booking a session, I am now booking for March & April.

I also have one spot open for the mini sessions ( I opened up another date on Feb 24th since the first day filled so fast). Please call Kendra if you are interested in booking the last mini session, her # is 801.369.8496

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

but wait... There's more... Valentines Cards! $30

Yes this is part of an infomercial, but one that it much more exciting...

You asked and you will receive, Just in time for Valentines...

My Little Valentine Pack $30
5-5x7 fully layered psd files, front and back.
WHCC specifications
Includes instructions and where to download the free fonts.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Out of Town... Maui

Yes, I had to add Maui. I am so stinkin excited! I will be out of town Jan 14th-21st. I will return all emails and phone calls on the 21st. Thanks! Wish me luck with the traveling and missing the kiddos. Sometimes I think I need them more than they need me...

yep more photos..

I promised a sneak peek before Hawaii, so here you go! Isn't this family so cute, they were so comfortable in front of the camera. I love when adults are just comfortable in their own skin and just naturally show the love they have for their children...

Monday, January 12, 2009

someone's been practicing in front of the mirror...

REALLY? 9yr old filled with all gorgeousness, such an adorable girl. I will post more of this session soon.

My Family Canvas

So for everyone that voted which photo I should print large on cavas (thank you!) here are the photos. Okay so they are not great photos but it will give you an idea. I love it! It is a 30x46 on a 3" frame. I usually print on 1.5" frame so this is so different. It is about as thick as a brick. These photos don't do it justice, but I thought I would share.

Oh and out of pure laziness and not bugging Anthony enough, it's not hung up yet:)

** If you are a professional photographer in UTah and would like the info of a local Canvas printer that I love please email me and I will give you his info.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


More fabulous models... aren't they breathtaking little girls. They were very quiet and shy but amazing listeners and they did such a great job for 2 whole hours in the studio.

these purple ones were taken with my new light set up...

i like this one in B&W

little miss photogenic..

So here is one of the models from yesterday. She was such a trooper out in the cold for an hour and she didn't even bat an eye. I kept asking her if she was having fun and she would say, "I don't know". So, I am not sure if it was worth it to her, but I have to say this is one of my favorite urban sessions to date. We went over the top with the accessories but I love it. Thanks Amy & Chris for coming out to see me, you girls were so fun and Amy, if you ever get in my car again and pretend that I backed up into the car behind me I will mess you up!! jk. Thanks Miss P for modeling for us!!

Noell, your adorable daughters are my next post I promise!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Mini Sessions 2009... Feb. 12th

I only offer mini sessions once a year, so here goes, the info is as follows.

Mini sessions include a 30 minute studio session for up to 2 children (immediate family only).
The COST: $75 sitting fee, due at time of booking.
The Goods: You will receive a complimentary 8x10 and 10% off your entire order.
If you would like to prepay to receive your images on high Resoltion CD (print when and where you wish)
with your session fee included, the cost will be $450, this cannot be added after your session, you must prepay for this option.
The Date: February 12th (great Valentines gift:))
Slots available: 1pm, 1:45, 2:30, 3:15, 4:00

After the session... You will receive an online gallery with 15-20 of your best portraits to order from. You will have 10 days to place your order from your online gallery.

Please call my assistant KENDRA (who is incredibly nice) to book your appointment, her phone # is 801.369.8496
PHONE CALLS only please.
These sessions will book quickly.

Can't wait to see who comes out, it will be lots of fun, food and music too!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Studio in my house?

Okay not really, but now I have an extra light to take on location and I shot this photo this morning of Tate in my bedroom, this is his annoyed with mom look. He looks so big in this photo, it just kills me!

Oh yes, I get my 3 inch gallery wrap huge family photo tomorrow, I am so excited. I will take a photo and post here on the blog.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Better late than never. Had to share to totally awesome photo of my friend Kelly and I, yeah we are kinda rockin' out our 80's clothes just for your enjoyment... Enjoy the eye candy...
Oh by the way, my hair is no longer blonde, it's red so if you show up to a shoot don't be alarmed!

So, I am interested to know what you all did for new year's? I always have pretty low key New Year's, maybe I can live vicariously through you all!!??

Models needed this Sat. Jan 10th...

I need 2-3 models this Saturday. Ages 4-18. You will receive a free 8x10 and 30% off any additional prints you decide to order. Please email me if you are intersted, no photographers children please.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

they are Totally Rad...

So, if you are a photographer you know there are many actions you can purchase. I personally use actions very rarely (besides skin softening), I personally have just always felt like they didn't really help my workflow that much and I felt like they were kind of waisting my time because by the time I figured out what action would work well for each photo I had waisted precious time when I already knew what I wanted in the end and how to acheive it. Okay, bla bla bla, onto the good stuff... I just purchased the Totally Rad Action set and the only reason I did this is because I went to the Image is Found Shootshop and that is what they use to edit. I personally usually like really colorfull images, but for weddings I do like a little more vintage look as well. So I sat down and started editing the rest of this wedding and I LOVE THESE ACTIONS~ There are a ton to choose from too. I think I like the Lux soft, BAMF 8BIT (black and white), beer goggles, and the glowy one, can't remember the name. Anyways, just having some fun. It's nice to edit diferently for a bit. It has been so weird to sit down and have time on my hands the past 2 weeks, I rememeber the important job of being a mom and it's so nice to sit down and really get to play with my kids again. I am never going to work that much again!! I think I went a little insane, now I am back. Although now I think I am a little bored, so weird to go from being insanely busy to watching like 5 movies in one week. I am just looking forward to HAWAII and sporting my extra white sexy skin! Scary!

Here are a few examples of the TRA Revenge set:

Friday, January 02, 2009

Miss S

Had a sweet 8 year old in my studio this morning, she was all tomboy but was willing to be a little girly today:)