Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For all you fellow Bloggers, I am going to have a CONTEST for those that follow my blog or anyone just stopping in. I am going to be having a "I think my Kiddo is the Cutest" CONTEST. So, email me a photo of your little scrumptious one and I will post all of them on the blog and have everyone vote. The winner will get a free photo session and 11x14 print! No strings attached!!! The WINNER will be announced June 1st, 2007, so start sending in those photos...



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Kayli said...

SERIOUSLY?! A free photo session---you're killing me!!!! Pick me, pick me!!!
What are the rules? I have three kids, so naturally ALL of them are the cutest... ;) do I get to submit an entry for each of them, or just one? Is there an age limit?
I REALLY want to win this! Can I get a free photo session for doing the most grovelling?! j/k but seriously you are one of my FAVORITE photographers! I have tried to copy some of your set-ups, particularly the sunglasses/bright-colored-tights/urban look. Some pics are on my blog if you're ever interested in seeing my tries. However, I'm not a photographer, I don't know anything technical, but I do like to dabble.
Anyway, this is an awesome contest. Thanks for always having great pictures to look at!