Friday, August 21, 2009

kids boots

So, I have been wanting to post favorite kids stuff I find (because it is well known that I am a shopaholic) so I am going to post a few things here and there. One day I will start a blog devoted to great kid clothing & accessories, when I find some time in between it all:)
I am just so happy that fall is coming up, it is my favorite time of year to dress kids, layering and mixing and un-matching.
So, overstock has all sorts of crazy stuff but I just found the amazing kids boots selections they have, here are a few of my favorites:






Sara Boulter said...


Vanessa said...

Love them I will expect to see miss Coco in all 4!!!

Andee said...

#3 my favs for sure. But they are all so yummy for fall!

SunnyD said... #3.

kristy said...

LOVE your style. i would pay you to DRESS my family for pictures (and then pay you to TAKE the pictures)!!