Sunday, September 02, 2007

More of Miss "A"

I was proofing tonight and had to post a few more of her. I love doing urban sessions, the colors and textures of the backdrops make photoshop a little more fun. I am getting my studio ready this week, painting and such and spending way too much money. I swear one day I will actually make a profit! I just love buying stuff... it's in my blood. I will be painting tomorrow and the rest of my equiptment should be here any day! I am planning on having an opening party, so stay tuned, anyone and everyone is invited and there will be door prizes and photoshooting (is that a word?) going on, so bring your kids and see what it's all about!



Kim said...

Love the color in these, that girl is gorgeous. Congratulations on the upcoming opening of your studio! How exciting. I hear you on the "profit" thing...still waiting for my day! Lol...keep up THE amazing work!

jen said...

awesome work. will def. come see yours studio!