Sunday, June 01, 2008

We have a winner!!

Brooke Kinsey, come on down!!! (email me to schedule your session)

Brooke's idea (I can't wait to shoot her family!):

I do want a really glam family old hollywood. me In a fitted dress or high waisted pencil skirt maybe laying a "faint" chair my man standing by my head in a very W magazine styled outfit..un-buttoned dress shirt loose tie maybe a 5 o clock shadow on his face. my kids on the ground in a vintage styled clothes ...I would love to find little fish nets for kaitlyn. maybe suspenders for lil bill.

I loved everyone's ideas for family sessions! It was hard to decide because everyone's ideas were so different from each other. Thanks everyone who put so much thought into your ideas!

Here are some of the other ideas:

Carnival shoot (love this!).
Yellow Jeep up in the mountains, wearing yellow and cute fun prints.
Family in a large tree.
High heels on a cattle ranch.

There were a few more as well, so thank you thank you for playing. Makes my job a little more fun & your pictures a little more interesting!

1 comment:

Brooke said...

ahhhhhh IM sooooooooooooo pee my pants excited! sweet! I really didnt think you would pick me! oh yea! I get a glamour family picture for my front room!