Sunday, August 05, 2007


This one is definately my favorite. She was just so natural and not to mention beautiful.

Isn't she sweet?

He was so halarious, he was calling the shots on day 2!

I finally looked had a little bit of time to look through my studio images from the Brianna Graham workshop. I love the studio images, I think more than the urban for some reason. I was always the type that never thought I would do studio lighting because when I think of studio lighting I think Kiddie Candids, but I love Brianna approach to Studio lighting. I look forward to opening up my own studio soon. If you want to book a studio session, email me. I would love to see who is intersted and we could book it for a few months out.

Thanks for looking,



Christy said...

Hey girl!
These look great! I just saw you on a photographers blog in AR that I had never heard of:)
Small world!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ang, These pic's are amazing!! I love the girl sitting on the cusion. wow! so I just called you but then I noticed that your gone until the 13th. blast! Hope you had a good time.

Brianna Graham said...

Angie -

How cool to hear that you enjoyed the studio lighting portion... and what a surprise to hear that you liked it more than the urban!! I am glad to hear it though, because it means that you will be using studio lighting with comfort as you venture into having your own studio. I think these look great! I am so glad you have been posting. I love to see what people thought of the workshops, and the images that resulted.

Best to you,
Brianna Graham