Sunday, August 26, 2007


Okay, so I have been Tagged by Raquel Allen Photography. I have to write 8 interesting things about myself. This will be hard because I can only think of one...

Okay so here goes,

1. I used to Disco Skate as much as possible in High School and I would bride my friends to come with me.
2. I used to be in a "Band" with my friend Carrie, Our name was.... are you ready to laugh... SOUL CRISIS. Man, we thought we were so good and we even recorded ourselves on tape. How embarrassing. Carrie went on to be in a real band...
3. I love to travel, anywhere, anytime.
4. I love spontaneous people, people that aren't afraid to make a fool of themselves. I haven't met very many of those and it's funny because I only really act that way when I am around people that act this way too. Wierd, I know.
5. I have boy/girl twins and so does my brother.
6. I eat ice cream every day. We consider our home in a state of emergency if there isn't ice cream in our house.
7. Today is my 7th year Anniversary to my wonderful husband Anthony who supports all my craziness.
8. I have $2000 worth of plane tickets to use and I can't decide where to go, did anyone go somewhere cool that they would like to share? I need somewhere fun and exciting, but relaxing at the same time.

That wasn't so bad. Okay, so I am suppose to tag 4 people: Catchlight Photography (my little sis), Barefeet Photography, Photography by Jess, and Tara Clark Photography.

Have a good one..


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Carin said...

That was fun! Thank you for the tag! I am dying to hear the band tape!!! Do you still have it???

Plane question! San favorite city! I love San Diego area too. I hope to travel to New York, Boston, and South Carolina... someday soon I hope!
Have fun where ever you choose!