Saturday, December 08, 2007


These two girls were a blast to photograph. They loved every second of it, which is sooo nice to have willing subjects. We had another photography get together and they were our models, you might recognize "M" from a previous post. Right after we finished it began to snow and it was so beautiful outside. I am really loving the snow right now and enjoying the Christmas season. Which is a definate change from last year!

Until next time,



Jennifer said...

OMG wow these are so amazing! I absolutely love the set up, and the wall paper and the chair! These are amazing!

Angela Fielding Photography said...

Angie- I just love your style! I was up in Salt Lake with my husband on Friday. I wanted to come meet you and see your studio! Maybe another time. Love these photos, and that little girl with the hat is precious!

Carin said...

They are GORGEOUS! Every single one of them. You have such a creative and beautiful vision for your backdrops! I love it!!!

Brianna Graham said...

I am just loving what I am seeing out of you lately! You seem so............ free!

Sososososo proud of YOU!


Bev Robison said...

These are so great! The colors just pops out so nicely. It's great that you can get together with other local photographers...wishing I could be there. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow these are fantastic!