Friday, December 14, 2007

Mini Sessions/ Dates Available

I have picked two days for mini session in Jan/Feb. If those two days fill up I will be adding a 3rd date.

January 19th from 11am-3:30pm


February 9th from 11am-3:30pm

Remember each session is $50 and is for up to 2 children, it will last 30 minutes, studio shots only. If you have more than 2 childrens, please add an additional $25 per child.

You will also get 15% off all of your prints.

This will be a lot of fun, so email me if you are interested at

Hope to see you soon!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so I ordered two of them just now. One for my sisters and another for my boss. It wouldn't let me do anohter one. I'll try later becasue I need to get one more for the hour session. my sisters are thinking on the 19th .... bla bla bla I'll call you tomorrow.
-Karen C