Monday, October 19, 2009

Announcing.... Product Guide! ON SALE $65

Announcing the newest template that will save you time and energy! This product guide is made for those of you who sell online or do travel sessions or just to show off all your products visually! This is made to be a pdf for your clients to view all your special products. It also can be printed (sizes as 8.5x11 letter size paper). I upload this pdf to my site, that way I can email a link to the pdf.
Let's face it, most people are visual and this takes all the guessing out of ordering from online galleries.

I have taken photos of all my special products and placed them in the templates along with descriptions and pricing. The photos will remain in the templates just in case you don't have examples yet of your new products.

A lot of my clients like to order in the comfort of their own home but feel overwhelmed by special products and what they look like. Once a client can see the details of a gallery wrap canvas or a book, they are hooked! We as photographers need to educate our clients with what we have to offer and this is an avenue that is easiest for both client and photographer, win win!

There are 11 fully layered psd files for you to use as your product guide. You can change colors, move frames, add or remove photos, etc.

Instructions & pdf example included.

Here is an example I would send to my clients through a link on my website:


*********$75 ON SALE for $65 until Oct 26th at midnight!

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Sadie said...

Gorgeous design! What a nice idea!

Heather said...

great job ang - these are so needed and well worth it for sales consults!

Kristin Cook said...

these are so great! Super idea ;)

Jennifer Weiss said...

Wow! Those are great! I love that you provide example photos since I do not have photos of my own to use.

Rebekah said...

Where did you find your awesome photo boxes? I love them...such a great thing to offer your clients! :)