Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy season.

Oh man, I am working from morning until late evening every day. Needless to say I am exhausted! Chloe asked me this morning, "why do you do that all day?" Guilt. I just know that I work extrememly hard for 2 months and then it's over! Okay, so onto the photos, ummm... adorable families right? Hope you enjoy the peek, wish I could post more, but I just don't have the time!

Love his freckles.

This family had photos taken at their family cabin and we got to stay with them for a night at their amazing abode! It was so much fun.

Loved this family, so fun and natural.


Tira J said...

Wonderful images Angie! I love how great your clients dress! So stylish!

Stephanie Castillo said...

Great photos! Hope you don't get too overwhelmed.. that's never a good feeling! Good luck :-)

Jess said...

Love this family...EVERYTHING about them.

Anonymous said...

LOVE ALL THE POSTS SO GREAT!! LOVE LOVE LOVE mom's boots in the last post where can i find a pair ? LOL :)

Karen said...

Just know that you are not alone!! Not too much longer! My 6 year old girl says she does NOT want to be a photographer bc you are on the computer all day. She wants me to get another job:) Just know you are doing awesome and we all appreciate your work, even if we are not clients:)

SunnyD said...

Darn it all. It's great to be successful but it sure seems to be a lot of work. ;)

That baby's fo-hawk is about the cutest thing ever.