Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Baby Girl

Tonight I had a photoshoot at this little shed and took the opportunity to take a few of my little one with her Giraffe Babylegs. She was all over the place, but that is what I love about her. She is growing up so fast and it is so fun to see her personality coming out, diva and all.


Jess said...

I love these shots. She seriously is a Diva she knows how to work that camera. I love your collages too. I might have to do something like that for my family.


Raquel said...

Angie, we met at the trade show. And after seeing your site and some of your work - I was definetely right I had heard of you before! I'll have to tellyou about it when I see you. I am so excited. You are amazing. I am also buying your templates for boards.

Susan said...

I just joined Two Peas and discovered your site by just looking around. Your photography is beautiful/amazing. I needed new inspiration. Thanks! Love all the kids' clothing--hats, leggings, etc. Also love these gorgeous photos.