Tuesday, July 22, 2008


by Jess

thanks Jess! not really...

So, I have to write 7 quirky things about myself... here goes.

1. I won't dress my twins alike, ever... okay so maybe on Halloween.
2. I still think I am a California girl even though I have lived in Utah now for 14 years.. oh man 14!
3. I can justify any shopping trip, for any reason.
4. I never thought I was obsessed with anything, thought I dabbled in everything until I started photography, it's a serious obsession...
5. My siblings think I am the weird one... little do they know I am the normal one and they are all weird.
6. I like to be in control, almost all the time. I am always freaking out about how Anthony drives, I have a hard time letting others control my fate!
7. I sing Feeling Groovy to Chloe at night when I put her to bed... she loves it, Tate not so much he starts flailing around like a dead fish.

That's it, do you know me better now?

So now this is the fun part, I am tagging Nikki, Carin, Tara, Christy, Rebekah, Jeana, and Kara



Thanks for sharing- I can definitely justify shopping trips:) I lOVE your photos- you are getting more amazing at it by the second!

Sara Boulter said...

I sing "feelin' groovy" to Ollie every night too! How sweet. He calls it the "fee dooby" song. Samesies!

kara elmore said...

crap - I'll have to come up w/ a tagged thingy, huh? ;)

carin davis said...

love #7! so cute!!!!

Betsy said...

I love your pictures-- and your blog. Not sure how I found it... but have been checking in for a few weeks.

Anyway... your first six "quirky" things pretty much EXACTLY describe me... I have two year old twins and would NEVER dress them the same... and all the rest is true too (besides the last one-- we just sing Twinkle Twinkle!)

I think I just remembered where I got your blog info from-- did you have a friend who went to Audrey Woulard's workshop in Chicago? I think I got it there. You take amazing pictures!!!