Sunday, March 22, 2009

Need Models March 24th & 26th

I need a few models for mentoring sessions this week on Tues & Thurs at 10am & 2pm. Ages 3-12. Please email me a photo if you are interested.

You will receive a free 8x10 and 30% off any additional prints. No photographers children please.


Becca Jo said...

you know you can always use Eli!

Baby Bee's Boutique said...

I told you I would leave my blog address up for you!


Dixie said...

Hi! I was wondering about your mentoring sessions. What are they and how can I get one?!
Thanks, love your work!

Dixie Dobbins

Janna said...

I'm sure you have a reason for not wanting to use photographers children, I'm just curious as to why.

Angie Monson said...

I don't use photographers children because I am mentoring other photographers out of state who are paying me money to learn. Also, I don't want to train photographers in my area, especially just giving away what I do.