Thursday, April 09, 2009

more girls.

gotta love girls, willing subjects. Aren't they lovely?

Vanessa, recognize this dress?

can you see the blasted snow in this one? snow is no good... really. okay maybe for snowboarding and christmas, otherwise it should disappear.


Vanessa said...

Girls are the best!! And yes I so know that dress! Isabel cried when that one was too short ha ha! I knew you would put it to AMAZING use! Luv ya :)

Anonymous said...

Those girls, those girls.
Such beautiful girls.

Amazing images, Angie!

Anonymous said...

Stunning photos and great blog!

m@revertphoto said...

WOW. Where do you find all these great dressing girls. I love the clothes. So cute!

kim donohue said...

Love girls!! Great photos too!

Jillian Guimont Paddack said...

Angie, you are amazing!! Your work is beautiful always!! LOVE the curly hair, the colorful clothing and the location too!!