Thursday, April 02, 2009

Modern SENIOR- $50

These cards are not just for seniors, but that was my intent. I love how versitile they are. They could be used for baby announcemets, Christmas, Birthday, etc. There are 9 cards, 6- 5x7 flat cards, 1-accordian, 1-5x7 folded, 1-trifold.

This pack includes instructions & what fonts were used and what website to download them from.

The designs are very intricate on these so some of the colors are not editable, but the background color is always customizable.

These are all designed for White House Custom Color Specifications. They are fully layered PSD files, they can be used in Elements as well PS, PS2, PS3, & PS4.


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I am trying a new checkout through e-junkie on these, so here goes!


lizzyjean88 said...

I LOVE these! I want to buy them, will there be a time limit or anything? I just need to wait a little while for a kind little pay check! :)

Mandy said...

I just LOVE THESE....and I am seriously not a senior card fan, but I could see how these could be used in so many ways. LOVE THEM girl.

Vanessa said...

Will you stop making such cool bank account can't handle it haha! These are RAD!

Call me when you are not contagious! :)

Thea Coughlin said...

These are just fabulous! Love them Angie-