Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rock the OCF

For all you photographers out there...
I am hosting a workshop at my studio along with Jess & Tiffany on June 12-14th.
It is all about off camera lighting, indoors and out.

Check out this link for more info:


Cost: $495
There are about 5 spots left. We need to fill these spots asap, please contact Jess at



Anonymous said...

I just wanted to send you a note-- and I hate to cause trouble but this just makes me sick. You know you can learn this EXACT thing from this DVD and I'm pretty sure (in fact I know 100%) the person giving this workshop learned it from here as well. Now she is giving workshops and saying she taught herself? Not cool IMO. http://www.onelightworkshop.com/DVD_Ordering.html

Anonymous said...

This is anonymous sending to anonymous. Some people work better by learning from hands on experience from people like angie. She is talented and knows what she is doing.
So, I wish I would be able to afford the class because I am a hands on type of learner not from a dvd. Some people are just different that way.
Thanks anonymous!

Brookie said...

I wish I could come so so bad.
You girls are so talented. I admire you so much. It would be an honor to learn from the best.

strickland party of six said...

Well i am so excited to have these guys as my teachers I have been following all 3 of here blogs and sites for a while so have the HANDS on TRANING like the comment NUMBER 2 said is AWESOME and whats with the annonymous crap if you have something to say just say it. com'n people how old are we anyway??? BTW I got in and I'll see you there.

strickland party of six said...

Oh and one more thing I want to be with the best of the best and learn form the best of the best. I want to play with the big boys. So I'm gunna!!! Just remember you guys rock.