Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mentoring Sessions

My mentoring sessions are all booked for 2008, and I will be booking for 2009 for March and April now. If you just want to learn Studio and photoshop we can schedule as early as January or February 2009. I will only be offering one day sessions from now on, but they will be 10 hours long instead of 8 hours.

Price: 1,000 (1 full day, 10 hours)
Models with be provided and lunch and dinner will be covered.

How it will look: 1 full day of answering all your burning questions... marketing, photoshop, studio and outdoor photo-shoots (models provided). No holding back. This can really jump start your business and help you to head in a direction of making better decisions (learn from my mistakes!) financially, personally, and technically.

Each mentoring session will be different since everyone is at different skill levels, that is why I think this is the best way to learn.

The rules: Weekdays only, I treasure my weekends with my family.
You must live at least 3 HOURS from Salt Lake City area to participate.

* If you want to do this with a friend, a discount will be applied, email me for more info.

Please email me if you are interested:
Phone: 801.787.4432


KRISTIE said...

Are you still thinking of having a workshop in the spring?

jamidavis said...

I am so very interested in a mentoring session, however, I don't want to start my own business. I just want to become a better photographer and this is exactly what I am looking for. Would you do one for someone who just needs help technically and with editing and such???? Love your work!!!

jamidavis said...

I realized I sent this message without a return email address.