Thursday, October 16, 2008

I loved this session, I had to post some more and I know the family is clicking the refresh button. You were all so fun to work with and thank you Alicia for your help!

All I have to say is what an amazing grandfather, these little girls are very lucky.

doesn't she look exactly like Jessica Biel? or however you spell her name. Gorgeous!


kathy marciante said...

Wonderful family photographs!! I agree - must be an amazing grandfather! Great work.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how all the mom's you photograph are so thin!? And fashionable! ;o)

Beautiful work!

Kristin Cook said...

WOW. I love the one of the little girl in the green sweater...gorgeous!

Bev Robison said...

ditto about the one in the green sweater...perfect! Beautiful family, beautiful pictures!

Michelle said...

awwww! ailee + chris + sophi! so adorable! i love them ... ailee was my college roomie.

just stopping by to tell you that i love your work!

Bliss Portraits said...

ok... little blonde girl looks like Dakota Fanning! So cute! I Love how you edited these photos of the Lehi location... they look awesome! Thanks for inspiring me!