Sunday, October 19, 2008

My big sis

Here are some family pictures of my sister Shelley, umm who i just have to plug. She is an awesome Slipcover queen. She sews custom slipcovers for a living, check out her blog HERE. We like to call her sweatshop Shelley.
Anyways, aren't her boys so cute? I love how they are so relaxed with me, we were dancing and shaking our booties, it was fun. I love you guys!

I love, real genuine smiles. Thanks Heber for shakin' your bootie like no else can.

the hot couple.

party of five, believe it is a party at their house all of the time.

little "Luka"

Oh my gosh, I am SO tired, time to stop. 3 posts in one day! I will post more of my family session this week!


Jean Smith Photography said...

what a SUPER cute family! beautiful pics!

Stephanie McBride said...

what adorable little guys, you can see the fun they were having. i also think this was a perfect location for these guys. i wish you were my sis and taking pictures, jk. but not really :)

SherBear said...

How cute! Love my cute cousins!!!

Carin said...

images are GORGEOUS!
i just bought the fabric today...on it's way to Shelley tomorrow!!!

Heather said...

cute! Love the tree shot!