Monday, September 07, 2009

News... News and more news.

We have some items of business to discuss, yes you.
just kidding..

So, Sara Boulter, who I share my studio with is going on a 4 month getaway and will be subletting her studio for the next 4 months. Great time of year to rent a studio with fall/Christmas/busy season coming up. Email her if you are interested

I will be in Long Beach, CA. Oct 4-8th, wanna book a session? Email me

Very soon I will announce my fall mini sessions, this year I am going to do two separate dates, one urban, one studio.... get excited people... no really, you should cause it's going more fun that washing dishes or doing laundry,,,, ahhhwwww yeah that kind of fun. It's been a long day, I have no more news for you all.
peace out.

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The Queen said...

Hi Angie! I sent you an email about session in California. I just wanted to post here as well. Thanks!