Sunday, September 06, 2009

Savannah & Olivia

I was able to photograph these hilarious and adorable girls last year and I am SO glad they came back. They definately kept me entertained, they have so much personality. That is the great thing about photographing kids multiple times, they are comfortable with me and I love that.
Savannah is a true tom boy, love that and she is such a natural poser.
Olivia has such a contagious laugh and an awesome tap dancer;)
Here is a few of my favorites:

I was taking this jumping shot of Olivia to liven up the party and Savannah wanted a little of that jumping action as well~


Laure said...

They are so beautiful !! Wonderful pictures! I am a fan of your work.

Vanessa said...

These two are some one favs...they are so natural and beautiful!! I love the blue jacket!!!

Adria said...

What cute girls! Rockin photos!